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BuyGoods - Review of BuyGoods Online Shopping

This is BuyGoods review (, an online shopping platform that serves clients worldwide. If you own a product, BuyGoods could be a great platform-tool for you to sell your products. It is a great opportunity and we had a great experience using BuyGoods to sell our ebooks and digital products.

As a consumer, our BuyGoods review is great. In fact the reason we’ve started to work with them was because we had a positive experience when being a consumer buying products at the website. The company that runs BuyGoods is BuyGoods Inc. from the USA. There are 7 main products topics:

1. Weight Loss

2. Health & Fitness

3. Clean Energy

4. Anti Aging

5. DatingTrial

To sum, our BuyGoods review is positive and they are recommended.

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Traffic Factory is an online advertising network specialized in the 18+ type of category traffic serving over 6 billion daily impressions worldwide.

We are available with banners, native and pre-roll ads.

Banners and Native ads are also available to run with the MP4 video format as well.

If you are interested, please sign up on our platform so that our dedicated account manager will get in touch with. We are available to communicate with you in 11 languages (English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese…)


Connect all the dots with one powerful solution


Visualize behavior – Understand what users want, care about and do on your site by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior – which are the strongest indicators of visitor motivation and desire.

Visitor Recordings

See what your users see – Eliminate guesswork with Recordings of real visitor behavior on your site. By seeing your visitor’s clicks, taps and mouse movements you can identify usability issues on the fly and issues they encounter.

Conversion Funnels

Where are your visitors dropping off? – Find the biggest opportunities for improvement and testing by identifying on which page and at which step most visitors are leaving your site.

Form Analysis

How are your forms used? – Improve online form completion rates by discovering which fields take too long to fill, which are left blank, and why your visitors abandon your form and page.

Feedback Polls

Understand the reasons behind behavior – Improving the performance and experience of your website starts with understanding what your visitors want and what’s preventing them from achieving it. Target questions to specific visitors anywhere on your web and mobile site.

Incoming Feedback

Instant visual feedback – Give your visitors an easy way to leave instant visual feedback on your website or app. See what people love and hate, identify issues, and find opportunities for growth.


Get to know your audience better – Build your own responsive surveys using an easy editor. Collect responses in real-time from any device. Distribute your surveys using web links, emails or invite your visitors just before they abandon your site to uncover their objections or concerns.

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Crazy Egg - Webinars, Online & Offline Events Directory

Understand the customer journey with Snapshots,  Heatmaps and Recordings

Use our visual reports Crazy Egg and individual session recordings Crazy Egg to get to know your website visitors – where they’re coming from, where they’re navigating to, and where they’re getting stuck – so you can make design changes with confidence.

Create the perfect page with Crazy Egg A/B Testing Tool

Make data-backed decisions that will impact your bottom line over time. With Crazy Egg A/B Testing Crazy Egg , know with certainty you picked the correct content placement, color, image, or copy, so you can turn more visitors into customers.

Make changes quickly with Crazy Egg Editor

Create or modify content without the need for a developer! Our editing tools Crazy Egg allow you to change the styles of elements like colors and fonts, or even hide them. Once you’re ready, you can publish changes directly to your website.

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Grammarly - Webinars, Online & Offline Events Directory

Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant.

Our digital writing assistant supports clear and effective communication

At Grammarly, we strive to help all people feel heard and understood, whenever and wherever they communicate. More than 20 million people around the world use our AI-powered product every day to strengthen their writing and say what they really mean. Our writing assistant supports clean, mistake-free writing while offering suggestions that go way beyond grammar.

Our cutting-edge technology pushes forward what’s possible

Using a variety of innovative approaches — including advanced machine learning and deep learning — we consistently break new ground in natural language processing (NLP) research to deliver unrivaled assistance in our product offerings. That’s why we were recognized by Fast Company as one of the world’s most innovative AI companies.

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